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Location Burslem
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Woodbury Park Cemetery Daniel Bech 2007

This peaceful “arcadian”cemetery is hidden away behind the bus garage on St Johns Road, Tunbridge Wells. If you walk 100 yards or so down Woodbury Park Road, you will find the entrance at the end of a cul de sac to your right.

The Friends of Woodbury Park Cemetery are volunteers who are clearing away brambles and saplings, finding out more about the local people buried there, and rolling out a conservation plan for its magnificent trees, wildflowers and wild life. We should be delighted if you want to join us in any of these or other projects. Nature walks are looking at lichens, trees and wild flowers and help record changes over the seasons. You will find details of our programme under Events.

And if you have a relative buried in the cemetery, we should love to have details of their life, for the dossier we are compiling

To become a member, download our application form. If you have any other questions contact our

The guardian angels were hard at work in Woodbury Park Cemetery during the recent gales when 4 large trees came to the end of their days. Miraculously the trunks and heavy branches mostly fell between rather than on the memorial stones and we are hopeful that we shall be able to repair those that have suffered once the loggers have removed the heavy stuff. To avoid further damage, that wont happen till the ground is a little drier and meanwhile we are asking people not to walk along the waterlogged paths and certainly not off piste. Storm damage in Woodbury Park Cemetery - Dec.2013

Design of logo and website by Daniel Bech. - Burslem Stonemasons have made this website possible; their Victorian craftsmen built some of the Cemetery's beautiful monuments that still stand there today.